Flat screen printing machine


  • Versatile screen printing machine for flat surface screen printing
  • Pneumatic power screen printing machine rodless cylinder screen stroke
  • Rigid aluminum casting machine frame
  • Precision guild rail / runner block slide
  • Handy & accurate squeegee pressure adjustment
  • The squeegee printing system is designed in rail structure, which ensures extremely stable printing
  • Printing table is equipped with 3 sets of micro-metric adjustment knobs for precision alignment of printing in vertical, transversal and angular directions




Model No.:

 YZ-40P screen printing machine

Max. frame size:

 300 x 400mm

Max. print area:

 200 x 280mm


 Up to 1,500/hr


 110V/220V 50/60Hz, 30W

Air pressure

 6 bar

Size: ( L x W x H )

 690 x 580 x 1600mm


65kg (approx..)



How to get high quality flat screen printing machine ? 


Today, we will tell you about more details of the screen printing machine from Grandfon.


Let’s break this step by step:


First, in China, there are lots of screen printing machine manufacturer, each has it is advantages to sell in market. Some have enough experience to make a good screen printing machine; others might just set up in short time. Theory, the lot term saying, it is the more experience factory make better screen printing machine.


Second, about the Grandfon screen printing machine, we have one of the best in China. The entire screen printing machine we made right now, goes for the best quality made. e.g. rail structure design, CNC machined, and FESTO cylinder, all the conditions make the screen printing machine work quickly and efficiency. We are considering well for customers. But also have customer don’t buy it, as for cheaper price, that’s why we go for the strategy three.


We also build some screen printing machine without high standard components, like not use FESTO, rail structure, still easy quick for printing, and simple operation. Price is less, just to stay well in market.


Screen printing machine from us, first, we will quote the customer the best, and easy quick running one, if he is not ok, then, we will go for the simple one. Also make sure customer fast to make the decision.


Right now , that’s our strategies for selling screen printing machine.