Cylindrical screen printing machine

Cylindrical screen printing machine for mainly for printing round substrates, like: bottles, cups, tubes, and pipe, with high speed printing and low cost , well apply to all kinds of business

Cylindrical screen printing machine

  • Versatile screen printing machine for round surface screen printing
  • Pneumatic power screen printing machine rodless cylinder screen stroke
  • Rigid aluminum casting machine frame
  • Precision guild rail / runner block slide
  • Handy & accurate squeegee pressure adjustment
  • Perfect synchronization of screen and product rotation by rack and pinion gear attachment
  • Quick change over for round screen printing 


How to get high quality screen printing machine ? 


from Grandfon screen printing machine, we offer your the best printing solution, and to choose a good screen printing machine, it need to focus on below details: 


1) air cylinder

2) rail structure

3) solenoid valve

4) manufacture experience

5) CNC machined


1) First: 

For the pneumatic screen printing machine, the machine is mainly driven by air cylinder, so it is the most important item. the first class cylinder: FESTO from Germany; SMC from Japan, and the second class brand: Airtac from Taiwan, Hinge from China. Normally, use the FESTO or SMC will be the best option. Also need to make sure the cylinder is not replica ones. 


2) Second: 

to run the screen printing machine precisely, rail bar structure will be more steady and smooth, no shaking during the machine running. In market, there is also a type of round bar structure, the screen printing machine round bar stroke might have little gap between the joint structure running and round bar structure. Of course, rail bar struture is better , but also price will be higher. 


3) Third: 

For the solenoid valve, the best one also from SMC, and FESTO, too. and the second class will be SNS (China) or Airtac (Taiwan) . As long as it is brand one and not the replica one, the screen printing machine solenoid valve will be last very long time. 


4) Fourth: 

To make a good screen printing machine, the manufacturing experience is extremely important. For the expeience, it will limits small little issues, like, set the program, and buffering distance, and the machine structure need to be suitable for the pneumatic system. 


5) Fifth: 

To make the screen printing machine with accuracy printing, first the machine components need to be accurracy, A CNC machined process the components will be highly precision. 


With above 5 points checked, it will pretty sure a high quality machine.